[ Biography Tiffany ]

Persönliche Infos

Geburtstag: 6.05.1980
Sternzeichen: Stier
Augenfarbe: Braun

Once upon a time
There was a little girl born on may 6th in the year of 1980 in Jamaica Queens New York (that was me!) . I think I loved music since the day I was born. Being an 80's child, I grew up listening to Madonna, The Culture Club (Boy George), Cindy Lauper, Michael Jackson , Prince and many other 80's pop idols. I remember sitting in the car with my mom and constantly changing the radio stations finding songs that I knew so I could sing along. Years went by and I somehow never stopped loving music and I never really grew up either

One day when I was eleven years old my family decided to move to Switzerland, my mom took out the map and said: " Tiff, what would you think if we would move to Switzerland?" I think my answer was " where the hell is Switzerland"? So she showed me this little country on the map. ( I could hardly see it ..it was so little!!) I told my mom she should go ahead and move to Switzerland and I would stay in New York but she insisted on taking me

Anyway, years have gone by and I've learned to like it here. It's been one big adventure... learning 2 whole new languages (schwiezerdütsch and German), meeting new friends (big up to my ex-band Starch Addition and the P-funk community), going to Swiss schools, searching for softball clubs... (Wild Devils), living in little towns next to farmers, and the biggest adventure of all is of course adjusting to the SWISS WAYS !!

Since TEARS, a lot of things in my life have changed . In the last couple of years I've learned so many new things and met so many new people. I've also noticed that there are so many talented people in Switzerland that have no platform to get their career started. I think Switzerland should definitely have a lot more opportunities for their artists and also support and be proud of them!!!!